How to Plan and Book a Walking Holiday

Walking holidays can be a lot of fun if you plan them properly. Many people who go on holidays often come back with their clothes fitting a little tighter around the waist. It takes them a few months just to reduce the weight that they put on during their holiday. Of course, most people want to try new foods in a new country, and end up overeating. However, walking holidays are quite different. As the name suggests, the main purpose of such a holiday is to walk from one place to another in a whole new country. You can either do this alone or with a group of people.

to Plan and Book a Walking Holiday

Regardless of how you choose to experience them, walking holidays offer an exciting new way to explore a country. Not only will you be able to interact with the locals one-on-one and listen to their stories, but you can also stop to eat the local foods and take in the sights. This is completely different than what happens on conventional holidays, where you simply ride in a tour bus and catch fleeting glances of the local attractions.

There are many local travel agencies that have now begun to offer walking holidays to their customers. If you are thinking of going on holiday with a partner or a group of people and want to try something new, you should seriously consider booking a walking holiday. Here are a few tips for how to plan and book a walking holiday.

Selecting a Destination

There are plenty of destinations all around Europe that you can choose from. If you want a memorable walking holiday, you should definitely consider going to Italy. Italy walking holidays from Walking Europe are affordable, easy to plan, and offer numerous options in terms of difficulty as well. If you are only just getting into the hobby of walking, you might not want to go on a difficult walking tour. These tours feature varied terrain and will challenge your body to its maximum limit, leaving you completely drained and tired at the end. If that’s not what you want on a holiday, you should book a beginner or intermediate package so that you can take in the sights without actually straining your body and stressing yourself out.

Preparing Yourself

Since this is a walking holiday, it is imperative that you prepare yourself accordingly for the trip. Buy some good trekking and hiking boots for the journey, and read about the weather in the area that you will be travelling to. This will give you an idea of the kind of clothes that you should carry. Secondly, try to pack as light as possible because you will be moving around a lot. When you land, the company will give you a map highlighting all of the walking paths that you have to cover, and leave you to plan accordingly. Of course, they will always be available in case you need assistance. In the beginning, it’s always better if you travel with a group of people rather than by yourself.

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