Tips For Your Trip To Galapagos

The natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands is ideal for sports and adventure activities. Its landscapes and wildlife make it a unique opportunity to interact with nature for lovers of adventure. But do not forget that the Galapagos National Park has regulations to protect the islands. Be sure to check out these useful tips and so you can help us to conduct responsible and respectful tourism on this beautiful ecosystem. Get the best of your adventure in Galapagos as a conscious tourism !!!!

Rules of the Park

Do not touch or disturb animals or plants, as besides damage to the environment, you may be bitten or bitten.

Will not collect anything from land or oceans, only you will be able to eliminate the waste.

Do not go outside the snorquelling area / area is specified by the guide.

To be alert

Small animals and turtles may be in the middle of the road, be careful on the road. Do not try to walk alone in some places you can easily get lost, especially on the high parts of the islands.

Check all equipment before each trip, and if there is a problem you should report it before starting any activity.

Other specifications …

The routes of the Multisports Tours require a good physical condition, make sure that you are up to the challenge.

Stay hydrated at all times on every excursion, it can get really hot on hot season (up to 31 ° C / 88 ° F) – all hotels have free water dispensers.

Use lots of sunscreen.


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