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After ten years of traveling, how to travel better and cheaper, after a round the world trip, three expatriations, two PVT and more than three years of nomadism I spent a lot of time researching, testing different ways of How and different products. You will find here a complete collection of travel resources to prepare your next trip: accommodation, transportation, equipment, insurance, tips and much more! I get a lot of questions on these topics and I hope that this page will be useful to you. If you think there is something missing, do not hesitate to contact me and make suggestions. I would put this resource page regularly updated with my new finds.

If you want to know how I crossed the United States for $ 10, pay my plane trip € 500 to do France-United-Kingdom-Iceland-USA-Colombia, got a free backpack, how I Does not pay almost any more housing costs and you also do the same, you are in the right place!

All the products and sites listed below are products that I use regularly or that I have tested and that I recommend you, as well as to my friends. You will find among these links some affiliate links that allow me to make the site live: I touch a small commission on certain links without you have to pay more. I use resources in several languages, but I will try to share with you French resources.

If you are new to the site, I invite you to check the page of the Best Articles of the Blog . 

If you can not find your answers in the rest of the text, do not hesitate to contact me with all your questions on: info @ or ask me for a Skype appointment for personalized advice.

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Preparations for travel


This is the first stage of a journey: the famous preparations. How to do it? Where to start? What to plan or not? This phase is great and allows you to dream about your trip, while defining it a little more. I admit that as the years go by and I travel, I plan less and less and I land very often unexpectedly. On the other hand, for three years before my departure around the world, I read, I researched. I had time and an insatiable desire for travel that I filled through endless searches.

Preparations invariably begin with research, much research for inspiration, ideas and practical advice. I spent hours on different sites and here are some of my favorites to save time.

  • Travel Forum : This is the first forum of French travel, where you can ask all your questions and do some research.
  • Facebook travel groups are also a good place to be inspired and to ask questions: I run for my part a Forum of Travel in Solo on Facebook.
  • Blogs travel: my own blog travel of course, but also my favorite blogs and many other blogs. It’s up to you to find your favorites!
  • The Tourdumondiste blog is full of practical information to plan your trip.
  • Pinterest: it is an excellent search engine for finding travel ideas and tips. I explain in this article how I use it.
  • Books and e-books: to dream, to inspire and prepare your journey, nothing better than to browse books written by experienced travelers. You will find here some of the e-books and books that I loved and you will find here some of my travel bibles .
  • The free e-book How to prepare your round the world? Written by bloggers Fabienne and Benoît de Novo-Monde. It is hyper full and exciting!
  • Specific forums, sites and Facebook groups: depending on the type of trip you are preparing, there are dedicated sites that may be more interesting for your particular case. For example, the forum if you are preparing a PVT. Do some research everywhere and ask around.
  • Some of my articles are specifically dedicated to preparing for a trip to a specific country. Find all the necessary information in these articles: prepare a trip to Argentina  and prepare a trip to Indonesia .

Build a “Before You Go” Calendar

Whether it is a long journey, an expatriation, a round the world trip, or a long vacation, there are things to do before you go on a journey and it is best to build a list or a calendar so as not to forget anything Before leaving and to do everything in time: resignation, sale of the house, bank, social security, visas, insurance … the list is long, but everything is important!

  • Here is a list of everything I had to do before I left and it was my guide during all the months of preparation.
  • For visas, to know when I have to do them, I prefer to go directly to the site of the embassy given to have the safest and most up to date information or on diplomatie.gouv . Think that there are tourist visas, work visas, student visas and special permits for under 30s such as the PVT (Permis Vacances Travail).

Building a Route

Is it a question of building your itinerary or not, for a tour of the world? After several months thinking about a perfect itinerary for my world tour, I finally decided to leave without a route and I do not regret it at all, but I understand that it is not for everyone, especially for those who Are pressed by time. Today, I leave with some ideas in mind, but I am the encounters, the opportunities, my heart and the seasons.

  • The planner of the bloggers of A contresens is hyper well done and allows to plan his trip according to the climate and the budget. Not bad is not it?
  • Nothing better than a good travel guide to know the climate depending on the region and period and the festivals not to be missed. Do not forget to think about specific situations and for example avoid domestic holidays in China for crowd and price issues.
  • When to go and similar sites make it easier to search for countries and regions by climates.

Health, insurance and vaccinations for travel and around the world

We are not all equal when faced with health problems while traveling, but insurance and vaccinations are for everyone!

  • Here is my specific article on travel health and management of a chronic illness while on a long journey, as well as another on overweight travel .
  • Travel insurance is important whether you get sick or have any other problems. I have been traveling with Chapka Assurances for two years and I am satisfied for the moment, given the value for money. Being a self-entrepreneur, I keep a status in France, as well as Social Security. I have to take over a mutual every time I come back. Here you will find my complete guide to choosing your travel insurance .
  • On the vaccine side, I studied and returned the question in every way and I came to these conclusions . I now keep my vaccinations up to date so as not to waste time and money. WHO detailing the situation in each country and the English Fit For Travel website on travel health are excellent resources. Do not forget to consult your doctor and the nearest specialized health center.

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