Hungarian Culinary Specialties

Being in a capital has its advantages, you can find it for everyone, from vegan to indian, kebabs to every street corner, gourmet restaurants or local bouiboui, you will find here what you need.

Walking a little in the markets (especially in the large and beautiful central market) you will quickly notice the city’s flagship products. The paprika First, in all forms but mostly powder, he seasons the dishes (and is not strong / spicy as you can imagine).

For salami fans you will find the “salami”, nothing to do with “our” salami, we can compare it to our sausage / chorizo, the combo: salami with paprika (very good).


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At the restaurant, opt for the Goulasch , soup of beef pieces with vegetables served with country bread. Attention, not all goulasch are worth, some addresses can be disappointing and others delicious. Listen to word of mouth to find out where to go;). For my part, e recommend the “4BRO DOWNTOWN» located on a busy street Kiraly utca leaving.


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At the turn of a stroll, stop at one of the stands where the ” kurtoskalacs  ” are sold  . They are also found in other Central European countries, as in the Czech Republic where they are made under a different name, but they can be considered a specialty all the same so they are unknown in France. Also called ”  chimney cake  ” (easier to say is not it?) They are molded and baked around a roller, which gives them a chimney shape because it’s hollow. You can season them to your tastes, vanilla, chocolate, cocontracting, hazelnut or even cinnamon, very good and can be tasted without hunger.

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Finally, during a meal or outing in a ruinbars , taste the Palinka (local brandy), very strong alcohol, with several different tastes or at the Unicum.


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