How To Prepare Your Backpack For A World Tour Or A Trip?

First of all you have to know that  the content of a backpack depends largely on how you travel  or the type of round the world or travel you want to live. But before thinking about content, there are some basic rules to remember.

General Rules for the World Tour Bag

For buying your round the world backpack , it is important to  think about the pockets, storage  and compartments of the bag.

Indeed, it is always easier to organize your bag when you can store the objects, clothes, accessories in different parts for each , rather than everything in the same pocket!

Take one with a  rain protection  or make sure you can buy one separately that fits your bag. Your bag should also be able to  close completely with zippers .
This is to be able to put small padlocks and therefore lock your bag against possible nostrilners.

Indeed on some bags, often old models, the main pocket closes with a lace and you will not be able to secure your bag. If you are preparing your first great trip, be aware that  the mistake everyone makes is to take too much business .

So try as much as possible to restrict yourself before departure or after a few days or weeks of travel give people who need them those that you find unnecessary. Otherwise you will carry 1 to 5 kg on the back that will serve you strictly for nothing!

If you are leaving for a long time, go and say that your  backpack and your belongings will be your home, your cocoon .

So take the time to choose them , because it will be your only goods, and when you are tired or you have a little morale, it’s good to have your little home to comfort yourself : T-shirt Preferred, a cozy duvet, a comfortable airbag, mp3 with an unbreakable battery …

So that you know exactly what you need to take in your backpack depending on the adventure you are considering, I will give you 3 different but fairly common examples.

Backpacking “Round the World” 

It is the trip where one goes with his bag on the back, one sleeps in inns, small hotels, one travels by local transport. We do when the opportunity presents hikes / trecks or other activities (mask / snorkel, bike, scooter, etc …) but this is not the guideline of our trip.

This is the type of trip I have made. For this type of trip, it is the simplest and lightest content you will have in your backpack.

To remember

  • Backpack of 70L max , allows to leave with a bag filled to the 2/3, which allows purchases, souvenirs without having to carry an additional bag.
  • Weight of bag 12kg max , beyond you will take things you will not use
  • Clothing:  take the time to choose yourbusiness voyag e . The idea is that they are of good quality and that they please you not to have to redeem every four mornings.
  • Sweet hood with zipper  : this was my hottest garment. It is easy to put on and is removed quickly and the hood is appreciable if there is a cool wind (in the morning during small hikes or activities).
  • Down (optional) : depending on the temperatures of the countries where you will go, or in case the sheets of the hotel do not look very clean😉
  • Money Belt :Belt to hide his money and his passport under the clothes. Preferably waterproof, this will prevent your tickets and your passport from being swollen by your sweat! … beurk ^^
  • Adapter:  universal socket , to be able to charge these devices in any country of the world
  • Poncho : tropical rain showers wet a lot, even if it does not last long
  • Inflatable cushion , quest ball, and night mask: essential! For a relaxing night in the worst conditions: uncomfortable train, snorers in the dormitory, karaoke on the night bus, etc ….
  • Sneakers or walking shoes fine : rather hiking shoes. If you do not do regular treks, it will be cumbersome. Worse, if it’s your only pair of shoes, you’ll look one of a cuddle in the bars! ^^
  • No gourd : bottles of water are found everywhere in countries where there is no drinking water.

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