How To Become The Best Travel Agent In France?

Registration for the second edition, the Travel Agents Cup is now open. The competition starts this year on tour in four provincial cities, in order to discover the best travel agent in France.

Thomas Desplanques launched the second edition of the Travel Agents Cup. DR

Thomas Desplanques, the director of the IFTM Top-Résa, gave on Monday 10 March the kick-off for the second edition of the Travel Agents Cup. 

Travel agents can register online until April 11 to participate in this event, which aims to enhance their skills and know-how.

This year, the competition goes on tour, with a qualifying roadshow in Paris of course, but also in Nantes (May 14th), Marseille (May 17th), Lyon (May 19th) and Toulouse (May 22nd).

In each of the cities, about one hundred sellers who answered the questionnaire on the internet will be selected.

The 20 best of them will pass in front of the jury, composed Sophie Jovillard (presenter of a ” Echappées Belles and godmother of the previous edition) and tourism professionals (SNAV, APG, Adonet, Air France, Amadeus, Avis, SNCF, CityVision, CEP). The others will participate in a major workshop, bringing together the partner destinations.

“We are looking for someone with a good speech, who knows how to communicate his passion and make us want to travel,” explains Thomas Desplanques.

An event to enhance the business and the destinations

In total, 20 candidates will be selected to participate in the semi-finals in Paris, which will take place on 19 June at Disneyland Paris.

And the top five will compete in the first part of the TO night on Thursday, September 25, in front of a crowd of 800 guests. 

“Last year, we had scheduled this final on Friday morning but we did not manage to attract enough spectators, we would like to offer more visibility to this event on which we put so much effort,” continues Thomas Desplanques.

During this final, each candidate will have to defend one of the five partner destinations: Italy, Cyprus, Reunion, Qatar or Canada, Which is this year’s partner Diamant.

This country is indeed in vogue with the public, with 459 475 French last year. ” We were only 126 people from our record, established in 1996,” says Sandra Teakle, the executive director of the Canadian Tourism Commission.

Currently, 10% of the French travel agents are accredited and Sandra Teakle hopes to make this figure even higher thanks to its partnership with the Travel Agents Cup.

Indeed, if the event is first designed to enhance the work of travel agents, it also serves as a promotional tool for destinations.

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