The Art Of Finding The Best Price

A week in Cuba for less than $ 600, taxes, plane, hotel and sun included? But yes, it’s possible! Except, of course, during peak periods (Christmas holidays, school breaks), when prices are frightening because of the famous law of supply and demand.

Of course, at this price, we are not in a five star hotel. But contrary to a tenacious belief, a two star in Cuba does not necessarily mean that we will be staying in Guantánamo! Be that as it may, if one wishes to offer oneself luxury, calmness and pleasure, there is no need to ruin oneself. Here are a few tips for spending a week of relaxing by the Caribbean Sea without compromising the legacy of your descendants.

The market observas

Scroll through the travel agencies’ websites several times a week for a few weeks. Prices fluctuate a lot. As explained by Chris Roop, marketing manager of, the travel market is a bit like the stock market. It’s really a matter of supply and demand, not just for packages, but for dry flights as well.

Flexibility will arm you

If one is able to leave a short notice and do not hold a particular place, it is the best way to save money, explains Sabrina Roussin, Club Voyages Rosemont. It happens very often, indeed, that the packages are radically paid a few days before the departure. However, Chris Roop would like to emphasize that this is not an absolute rule. The proof: a hotel in Holguin, seen last Tuesday at $ 698 with departure on March 16, cost $ 848 with departure on the 7, so four days notice. In other words, there are always good last-minute deals, but you have to take what’s going on.

Weekdays travel

According to Sabrina Roussin, choosing a weekday departure rather than a Saturday can bring you good savings.

Difficult point will not be

The search engines of websites usually give the list of establishments that match your criteria starting with the cheapest. If one is willing to make some compromises on luxury, including two star hotels in research can prove very, very economical and not necessarily catastrophic.

At Fidel you will go

Whatever you do, Cuba is always the cheapest sun destination for mid-range packages (three star or less). It is also one of the few destinations where several hotels do not charge single occupancy supplements, that is, single people. Mine of nothing, this can make a good difference: at the $ 898 requested for a four – night stay in a four – star resort in the Dominican Republic (a real bargain), the person traveling alone will have to add the tidy sum of $ 331.59 bargain)!

It should be noted that the online agency, owned by a US company, does not offer Cuba among its sun destinations. We’re very unhappy, “explains Chris Roop,” but as Expedia belongs to American interests, the embargo prevents us from offering it. We hope that this will change soon, because it is a very popular destination for Quebeckers.

No internet is required

You are not too comfortable with the internet? The services of a flesh-and-blood travel agent cost nothing. In addition, agents have often visited several of the destinations they offer and may provide certain details not contained in the standard forms found online.

Nevertheless, here are some of the most popular sites: (Tours Mont-Royal)

Finally, if all-inclusive packages are not your thing, several sites allow you to find dry flights at unbeatable prices for anywhere in the world:

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