Choose A Travel Agency?

Choosing a travel agency is never easy. Today, the number of providers of real or virtual tourism offers is increasing and this complicates more and more the choice of the customers. Between real travel agency, in situ, and website of agencies, French agencies, foreign, local receptive or tour operators, which agency should you choose?Do we have to trust the local travel agencies, which often have a certain suspicion of seriousness and guarantees? Response elements.

More and more travelers use the Internet to prepare their trips and thus access services that would not be feasible locally. Going to a travel agency at the corner of the street is reassuring, because you meet visu a counselor, can resort to French law in case of litigation. Choosing a local receptive agency would not offer as many guarantees. Is it true? Today, there are several solutions available to travelers who wish to travel to Europe and the world with a travel agency.

  • Travel agency in situ (actual)

    An in-situ travel agency is an agency established in a city, which offers the sale of tourist services such as flights, organized stay, hotels, guides, excursions, transport, etc. Many in-situ travel agencies now have a website to advertise their offers and reach a wider clientele than their city and surrounding area.In France, an official travel agency must be registered with ATOUT France, the tourist development agency of France.


    Atout France aims to ”  contribute to the development of the tourism industry, France’s leading economic sector and all of its players “. It is an ”  economic interest grouping (EIG), which allows to establish an original public / private partnership model “. In addition to its missions to promote the “Rendez-vous en France” brand internationally, Atout France adapts the French offer in the field of national and international tourism and supports its partners to help them improve their competitiveness in the economy . In addition, Atout France is responsible for assigning registrations to French travel agencies.

    In France, one does not become travel agency lightly! The activity of travel agent is rigorously framed and subjected to the Code of Tourism (Articles L211-18, R211-20, R211-26, R211-35 and R211-41) . Governed by the national collective agreement for the employment of travel and tourism agents, a travel agent wishing to sell benefits must obtain a registration number. This type of registration takes place on the basis of several criteria that must be met: a deposit of € 100,000, then 10% of the reported turnover, as a financial guarantee for the customers , insurance guaranteeing The financial consequences of professional civil liability, professional experience and skills in tourism, (Diploma of Higher Education (BTS), Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism-Recreation or a diploma of an equal or higher level issued by the State or by a recognized organization). A commission verifies these elements and validates their conformity to grant the right of exercise and installation.

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